Comma is the sum of countless ideas and huge creative deficiencies. It is the result of a meeting of the three of us, who – fortunately – were dazzled and decided to create Comma Collective. When enlightenment came, the concept appeared to create something together for mental health and pure satisfaction. With the desire to free thoughts, relax and share with the world what is important to us.

For each of us, Comma is something different, depending on our experience and needs. However, the core remains unchanged – to make art in a passionate world where meanings are hidden at every step. We want to embody ideas that are close to us, to speak out loudly what is in us. Openness to yourself and your imperfections are crucial. Acceptance of various life philosophies and freedom of expression. It is the base that makes Comma a place full of diversity, freedom and understanding.

We keep a collective diary with space for everything that is significant, for the general public and for the individual. We want there to be more of us – heads, perspectives, solutions and thoughts.

Everyone has something valuable to convey, right here is the place and time. For overcoming fears, sharing art and word, for discovering yourself and others. Comma is a zone for sensitive people.

Let’s raise a fist and propagate ourselves!

Comma Collective

All works have hidden meanings, symbols, artifacts. We want to share them with you so that they do not just become works enclosed in a frame that are available only to the chosen ones. That is why we combine art with functional things. From now on, everyone who finds a part of themselves in our works, who is close to ideas or simply likes them; he can own a part of the idea behind Comma Collective


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