Art catches the eye and introduces the senses into vibrations; however, its power depends on the message. It can be the power to create and destroy entire worlds. We bring to life creations that are to please the eye and open minds to new inspirational thoughts and experiences.

The message is our starting point but also the goal; is a compass for our actions! What adventure will lead us today?

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Ideas and dreams rush to action – some fuel thoughts about human and animal rights – yet others reflect on the changes our planet is undergoing. Here, great and sublime ideas await you, but also seemingly smaller ones – those that sometimes pass by with indifference.


the art of survival

An attempt at self-knowledge, overcoming limitations, and finally developing; nothing else but the art of surviving with yourself. Discover a place where desires, fears and anxieties rule; a world in which the spiritual sphere and psychology are not taboo topics, but narrators of an amazing story – about you, about us. Are you ready to take a journey into the meanderings of the human psyche, in search of elements that shape the identity of each person?



Or rather its laws and mechanisms. Discover the works inspired by our planet. If this is still not enough … reach for the motives related to the universe! Discover the diversity of past and present geological era fauna and flora. Inspiration with places and processes taking place on and in our planet, and above all its inhabitants. Let us pay attention to the riches of the Earth that future generations may not know. Take a deep breath and enjoy what is around us.



Let yourself be carried away on a journey through time – from prehistory to modern times. You are not limited by any epochs or even places. Be a witness to the highest historical moments as well as the most bitter ones.
Discover forgotten cults, learn about the greatest minds of history. History can also be a source of motivation, a warning … and sometimes even fun. She knows more about us than we do. Technological and mental revolutions. Big conflicts and discoveries! The place where Darwin, Elżbieta I, Leonardo Da Vinci, Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Marek Aureliusz, Harald Sinozęby, Neil Armstrong and many others meet.



If you’ve ever dreamed of an adventure in regions of the universe hiding undiscovered civilizations, crossing a forest full of singing nymphs, or sharing your dream with an android – you’ve come to the right place. Embark on an amazing adventure – full of amazing fantasy and minds that have always created it.



You’ve reached the outskirts! A different adventure awaits you behind every corner. Outlands is a space in which we appear unexpectedly surprised by what sits in our heads. Embark on a road that is not included on any map … where, fortunately, compasses do not work!