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is our mental and creative revolution. The one who awoke in us as a result of shared experiences and reflections. We create from our inner needs both the dark and the heavenly. Comma is the idea of sharing and giving something directly from yourself – something that wakes you from everyday dreams, motivates you to act, develops … to become better every day.

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Different poles of energy, thoughts, glances and experiences … Meet us and our multiverse, which thanks to these differences is perfectly multidimensional!

Piotr Wengrzik
CEO co-founder
Zuzanna Chańska
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This is a special place, you will find atoms from which we are created: our thoughts, reflections, specialist knowledge, interviews, reviews, DIY … everything that drives us and frustrates us. This is a step into unknown areas, sometimes leaving the comfort zone, sometimes great fun. Explore! and rate yourself how much inspirational and motivational content you’ll find here.

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