Thoughts shed by means of electronic impulses, read, forgotten … Lost in information noise. My words, somewhere between the lines, are enchanted, waiting for someone to decipher them. 365 days full of events that change all life to date. From moments of dangerously damned, which no one should ever experience, through sad days, regrets, times of dilemmas, worries, to the edges of extremes, where joy fills the whole soul.

525,600 seconds of which many thousands of sadness filled, sorrow and sorrow poured into the soul. There are also lost opportunities and ghosts that do not want to leave her in any way. There is a lot of seconds for meditation and everyday joy. What life is worth … Rolls and goes away so fast. “Let’s hurry to love people, they leave so quickly.” Truth enchanted in thoughts of composite letters. For me, for you, for everyone around.

Here everything is different, here you have to forge your fate, learn so many things … Silence, the one I like so much – there is never too much of it. Chasing hundreds of cases. A time that is always too little, and I still stop for a few moments so that I cannot lose myself in perspective.

I wrote many words, sometimes returning to them I read between the lines. I still understand and feel as if I was clumsy gluing sentences about what is important. Is it worth it – sometimes I ask myself a question, but I immediately get rid of doubts – leave a part of myself, even if in this way mark 11 letters with nothing that says nothing – I still see the sense in it.

Today, on this day, the one who closes a chapter again, I look at what happened … The unnamed what we are looking for is so close that each of us can sometimes not realize it.

Snowy hard day, where the wind dags into the cheeks frozen from the cold. Closed doors, so many exits, bolted entrances. Icicles, from which water is slowly trickling, chances for a better tomorrow … Today, frozen thoughts engulf a small insignificant unit, here in the universe, where it is completely irrelevant. Among people, among thoughts, alone … Nothing is irrelevant, meaning does not take on … Invalidity acting like a gangrene taking away consciousness. The end is visible, close and yet so distant.

Everyone fight for the future … Each of you can write these blank pages …