I have survived so little that I tend to imagine that I will not die, it seems unbelievable to me that human life can be reduced to so few things; man thinks, contrary to himself, that sooner or later something will happen. Serious mistake. Life can be perfectly short and empty at the same time. days pass monotonously, leaving no trace or memory.
Sometimes I even thought that I would be able to settle permanently in a completely empty life. That weariness, relatively painless, will allow me to continue to perform ordinary everyday gestures. Another mistake. Prolonged weariness is not a position that can be sustained, sooner or later it changes into feelings much more painful, into real pain; that’s exactly what happens to me.

Maybe, I tell myself, this change from will  c h a n g e  m y  t h i n k i n g, probably in a negative sense, but will c h a n g e  m y  t h i n k i n g; at least there will be some breakdown, some shake

Beautiful and sad at the same time is a quote from Houellebecq’s book – “Expanding the battlefield”


We rarely find ourselves that deep and inner reflection of ourselves in the closed glass walls of our own mind. Rarely, despite space limitations, we see the infinity glow, pain, distress, joy, freedom recorded in each of us. However, it is possible.

Time is conducive to delving into your own code; these physical and mental limitations in pandemic times lead us to completely different spaces. The world has changed forever. Own rituals have become an inseparable space of life. People (paraphrasing the Ministry of Culture) once saw them – nothing special, I don’t miss them. After all, this little patch of the world we are surrounded by for a relatively insignificant moment; is perhaps important. Sadness shows direction and is a way to eternity, joy is the foundation; is like crumbs of glass underfoot.

Small, seemingly insignificant moments in everyday life give the whole color, appear like clear and multi-colored colors. Like food for the soul. C h a n g e  y o u r  t h i n k i n g  and perception: small little things, everyday gestures are more important than groundbreaking events. Suddenly the emptiness of life fills up and is full of gratitude.